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    About Guposhan

    2015/10/9 17:17:14 Guposhan eco-tourism area is located in Hunan, Guangxi and Guangdong provinces (regions) at the junction of mengzhu Lingnan end, Hezhou territory, 21 km from Hezhou District, Hong Kong - a golden tourist line Guilin - Guangzhou bright pearl. The total area of ​​8000 hectares, the peak height and deep valleys, lush forests, waterfalls fly creek trickle, rich flora and fauna within the area, set "male, odd, show, quiet" in one, known as the "southern Tianranyangba, Waterfall Forest Park."

    Scenic Honor

    2015/11/3 16:27:36 Awards governments and institutions of scenic obtained, as well as visitors recognized


    2015/11/3 14:47:46 Guposhan farm was founded in October 1957, it was called "the Guposhan forest management" to management and protection of natural secondary forest

    Ecological resources

    2015/11/3 14:52:14 Guposhan resort rich ecological resources, species diversity,
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