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    Gupo Mountain Top Landscape

    2015/11/4 12:47:48 Top paradise, located in Guangxi Hezhou Guposhan National Forest Park territory., Altitude 1844m, is the highest peak in Southeast.

    Guposhan rafting

    2015/11/4 12:39:30 Guposhan drift region is the largest gap in Guidong most exciting rafting tourism projects, known as "Guidong first drift" reputation.

    Xian Gu Temple

    2015/11/4 12:25:38 Xiangu temple was built in the Tang Dynasty renovation in 2000, now has 1380 years of history,

    Fang's Teahouse Landscape

    2015/11/4 12:10:31 Fang tea is a Hong Kong drama "Tea is a strong home" location shooting, located in the scenic Mid-Levels. Every spring,

    Xiangu peak (Guposhan top)

    2015/11/4 11:47:48 Guposhan peak elevation of 1730 meters. Gordon Guposhan top, along the viewing Ocean Falls, ten rhododendron forests, alpine meadows, miniature bamboo,

    Ocean Falls

    2015/11/4 11:45:07

    Galaxy sembilan hari di luar resort

    2015/11/4 11:30:16 Galaxy nine days off area, like fairy fairy falls to pieces scattered from day falls; the gap up to 98 meters of the Galaxy nine days waterfall,

    Jiupuxiang Tavern

    2015/11/4 11:06:34 Sembilan kedai Xiangjiu sejarah 4000 tahun. Satu yang bermula pada Dinasti Zhou Dukang, terdapat berusia 3,000 tahun. Menurut legenda, yang akan ditubuhkan apabila Dinasti Xia,

    Zhang five large lawn

    2015/11/4 10:31:36 Great Lawn Leisure total area of about 20,000 square meters, where the grass green, numerous shade trees, rocks patchwork, gurgling streams, fresh air, bell Drum, harmony between humans and animals,

    Fairy Falls area

    2015/11/4 10:08:57 Xiangu resort is the essence of scenic Guposhan National Forest Park, where the air and water pollution, is a natural sterile area, water quality meet the national standard. Xiangu scenic waterfalls, white bridge, even the management tree, mountain stone, fairy pavilion and other components.
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