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    Daylily escargot soup

    2015/11/4 15:45:11 Escargot taste fresh, a diuretic effect, can improve health in the enjoyment of gastronomy. Day lily smell, taste fresh, to improve the role of the brain system,

    Hakka wine chicken salt

    2015/11/4 15:41:01 A long time ago in order to save more food, Hakka often disposable chickens with salt and rice wine will be good to spend an evening.

    Stuffed cushaw flower

    2015/11/4 15:27:21 Pumpkin flowers stuffed: we Hakka specialties, delicious sweet, is a homemade recipes. Melon flower stuffed feature is creamy fresh, not greasy satiety, melon flower itself taste is sweet, refreshing peduncle.
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