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    Wayao punch

    Update: 2015/11/3 16:55:38

    The late Qing Dynasty, a biologist Don Bong Watts traveled the southern mountains, passing by, we feel this Waterfall strange, elegant environment, is the number of Heaven and Earth "good fortune", and therefore dig "kiln" seclusion until died. Later people to commemorate him, whichever name "W" and "kiln" phase and while "the kiln." This resort is mainly composed of youth pavilion, monkeys park, Tau Village, Guan Baoting, gallop waterfalls, pools and other components ballad. Scenic fresh air, flying waterfall creek trickle, Shigeki odd forest, water Xiushan US, monkeys cuddly looks, cute, have said, "do not travel Wayao red, tour futile," he sighs.

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