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    Hezhou Tourism Industry Group Co., Ltd. officially inaugurated

    Update: 2015/11/4 16:32:19

    September 1, 2015 morning, Hezhou Tourism Industry Group Co., Ltd. formally inaugurated in Hezhou, Municipal Committee, Publicity Minister, Deputy Mayor Zhu Dong, Deputy Secretary General Municipal People's Government Wu Hang, municipal Party committee secretary of SASAC Director Chang Mo Xian, Wang Xi-chi, director of Municipal Tourism Committee, attended the ceremony. Hezhou Tourism Industry Group Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the development and construction of tourism projects, tourism, public services, travel agency services, tourism, catering hotel management, tourism product development and sales, tourist passenger services, tourism, real estate development, the city's main tourist resources integration development and authorization of state-owned assets of the city tourist attractions and tourism enterprises tourism resources management, etc. According to Hezhou People's Government. Hezhou Tourism Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established, it is an upgraded version of Hezhou build tourism development, accelerate the development of a major event in the tourism industry across, is the city's focus on "health tourism, health and leisure, health, health, health, old age," and to build the city's "ecological health industry cluster" strategic objective the smooth implementation of important initiatives.

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